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Cauda equina syndrome

Cauda equina syndrome is a condition that can cause radiculopathy. It is sometimes referred to as CES for short. The issue is neurological in nature, and affects the patient's lumbar plexus by way of acute function loss.

Signs and symptoms

Radiculopathy is one of the symptoms that may show up when a person has cauda equina syndrome. However, other symptoms and medical signs may also be present. As an example, both legs may be affected by weakness and pain. Additionally, both ankles can lose their reflexes. There may be missing bladder control. Sensation loss involving the area of and nearby the buttocks may occur. This is known as saddle anesthesia. This does not make up a complete list of possible symptoms.


Certain medical reasons are known to have the potential to lead to CES. Tumors that compress or otherwise get in the way of the normal function of the patient's cauda equina (a mass of nerves after which this condition is named) may lead to it. Lesions can do the same thing. Lumbar spinal stenosis may also bring on CES. Amongst the other possibilities are some inflammatory illnesses, one of which is ankylosing spondylosis.


A doctor or another profession in the field of medicine is involved in the diagnosis of cauda equina syndrome. Confirmation of this diagnosis is typically given by imaging. A CAT scan is one of the possible methods. An MRI is another option that might be used.


How the condition is treated must include factors related to that particular case, and is to involve a medical professional. Information on this page is not professional in nature, and is not intended to be used in any specific situation. In many cases, surgery is used to treat cauda equina syndrome. There are different surgeries that may be used for different medical causes. In some cases, there may be lifestyle changes that can be used to manage the condition, including weight loss if the patient is obese. If the onset of CES is sudden, then it is considered as a medical emergency.

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